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How to engage us

Contracts and tenders

Tenders, expressions of interest including industry consultations

The department advertises open tenders and expressions of interest on the Australian Government tendering website, in accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Suppliers interested in tendering for department opportunities should visit the AusTender website.

Annual Procurement Plan

The Annual Procurement Plans for the department can be found on the AusTender website.

Information about the department's contracts

Government policy requires that specific procurement procedures are followed when the value of the goods or services of a particular contract is above the $10,000 threshold.

Detailed information about the department's access and equity policy is available on our multicultural access equity page. Contractors should familiarise themselves with this policy.

Senate Order on Entity Contracts

The Senate Order list sets out the department's contracts with consideration to the value of AUD$100,000 (GST inclusive) or more, which have not been fully performed or were entered into during the 12 months reporting period.

  • AusTender list on Entity Reports for complying with the Senate Order on Procurement Contracts and use of Confidentiality Provisions.
  • Non-procurement contracts list. 

Further information including the most recent Senate Order lists for the Department are on our Senate Order page.


To lodge a complaint about any procurement conducted by the Department, email [email protected] . This includes complaints under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018. (the Act)

For guidance on the Act, refer to Resource Management Guide No: 422 - Handling complaints on the Department of Finance webiste.

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